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Adrienne Rewi

I am a New Zealand-born author, journalist, photographer, artist, living in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Words and image are an integral part of who I am, and both have formed the basis of my assorted careers as full-time visual artist (handmade books, painting, sculpture), journalist, non-fiction author, travel guide writer, blogger, communications adviser, photographer, fiction writer.

I am an observer and a recorder. I see the word in visual terms - light, texture, form, colour - and whether I am writing, painting or taking photographs, it is always about capturing the essence of a moment - the detail that elevates the familiar and the ordinary to something that resonates long afterwards.

From 1979-93, I worked as a full-time artist and I had over 60  group & solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand. I returned to journalism in 1990 and worked as a freelance journalist/photographer until 2013.  

In that same period, I also wrote 8 editions of Frommer's New Zealand travel guide, published by J.Wiley & Sons, New York; four non-fiction titles; along with chapters in several other non-fiction titles (travel & architecture).

In addition, I published a number of short stories in New Zealand anthologies.

Between 2013-17, I worked full-time as a communications adviser/senior communications adviser, responsible for writing speeches, web content, social media & media releases.

I moved to Tylden-Woodend in Central Victoria in May 2017, where I resumed my painting career.  I returned to Christchurch, New Zealand in February 2020, where I continue to paint, photograph and write.

Adrienne Rewi  - Writer Photographer  Artist
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